Every year, GoldenPlec writers and photographers come together to choose the Irish artists who they think are going to do amazing things in the year ahead. One of those chosen acts was the glorious Feather, and I had the pleasure of interviewing her. Go have a read. Plus you get to check out the beautiful pictures by Sean Conroy.

Also, as part of the aftermath of Plec Picks, I featured on Nessy Symon’s radio show, The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM. You can have a listen here.


[Originally published on GoldenPlec]

This weekend will see the third annual International Cassette Store Day take place. While Record Store Day has been stripped of much of its legitimacy, there remains a certain authentic charm to its cassette tape equivalent. But does anyone even still use cassettes? We spoke to the (ultimately) New York-based Robert Prisco, the founding member of Beach Moon/Peach Moon who, earlier this year, released their sweetly whimsical album Kite Without A String on cassette.

Some background information is perhaps necessary. Originally Beach Moon/Peach Moon was Prisco’s solo project, as he wrote while wandering between home and the West Coast. The name encapsulates the particularly isolated, personal subject nature of his music. “I’m from Long Island on the East Coast and I used to always sneak onto the beach at night when no one was allowed just for the solitude and time to think,” he explains, “It’s a pretty awesome and overwhelming thing going to the beach when there’s no one on it, especially because it’s super crowded during the day. And that’s the sort of imagery I like to evoke, so when I first started it was the name that I gave myself.”

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