Don’t Watch Me Dancing is a blog written by Tara Joshi, a twenty-something freelance journalist. At this point it mainly serves as a portfolio for my music journalism originally published elsewhere.

The blog was born out of the ashes of The Music Journal which I was writing aged fifteen, and through which I interviewed bands such as Bombay Bicycle Club and Los Campesinos! and wrote cringey, gushing reviews of numerous acts. More of the same should be expected here. I helped judge the 2011, 2013 and 2014 Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competitions.

I am currently London-based, though I lived in Dublin for four years (and was the music editor of tn2 Magazine for three of them). I was nominated in 2015 for an Irish National Student Media Award in the category of Arts & Pop Culture Features writing, and am also an occasional contributing writer to Irish music website GoldenPlec.

Contact: tara.dwmd(at)

Oh, and it’s called, ‘Don’t Watch Me Dancing’, after the Little Joy song (below), but also because the sentiment is seemingly very… “me”.

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