Let’s Eat Grandma


While I have respect for any music project with a name based on dark (albeit dorky) grammatical jokes, this is not what is striking about Norwich duo Let’s Eat Grandma. Nor is it their admittedly impressive age – the two girls, Rosa and Jenny, are teenagers (15 and 16), and have been best friends since they were toddlers. Ultimately, it’s the music alone that is so noteworthy about the pair.

Signed to Transgressive, their single ‘Deep Six Textbook’ showcases a proclivity for sludgy, ambient, deconstructed pop music: it’s an extraordinarily put together song, all slow and strange echoey chambers that seem to play with hazy notions of psychedelia. The vocals borderline the realms of creepy – childlike, sweet, soft and innocent harmonies – and that’s exactly what’s so chillingly enticing about them. It’s ghostly.

Will be fascinated to hear more from them – this is beautiful.

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