Cina Polada – ‘Face 2 Face’



It’s not often I’ll admit to it, but there’s a certain feeling I get when listening to Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’ – that romantic, jittery, butterflies-in-stomach vibe. I mention it because it’s a similar sentiment to the one evoked in the opening bars of darling new track from Helsinki group Cina Polada, ‘Face 2 Face’.

The five-piece consists of of married couple Hilla and Tatu Miettinen, Tatu’s younger brother Teemu, as well as good friends Tony Salo and Nita Mattila. The relative intimacy of the group is evidenced in that easy, woozy warmth ‘Face 2 Face’ seems to exude, all fluid, lilting guitar licks, soft synths that feel like you’re sinking into a hot bath and Hilla Miettinen’s sweet, shy vocals floating over the top, singing all too relatable lines about social anxiety.

As guitarist Tatu Miettinen explained, “Face 2 Face is about the contradiction of being nervous and afraid in certain social situations but still wanting to meet up with that someone and get the attention, even if it feels like the scariest thing to do at the moment.”

The track sways between that initial New Romantic-esque lofty dreaminess and a more traditional propulsive, rich and sparkly indie-pop chorus. It’s a really sweet little song.


Cina Polada are currently working on their debut EP, and played their first ever gig last week. To be putting out tracks like ‘Face 2 Face’ and the beautiful Beach Boys-esque haziness of  ‘Y.D.D.M’ at such an early stage is a very enticing insight as to what 2016 might hold for Finland’s new finest.

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