Kadhja Bonet


I think everyone has some form of comfort music. The sort of songs that soothe and make you want to crawl into the blanket of their world, leaving everything else behind for just a little while. For me, it’s the music that is borderline celestial, with flourishes of somehow nostalgic, rich instrumentation and vocals that effortlessly pour with the sweetness of honeyed dessert wine. Think Beach House, Joanna Newsom, Julie London and, now, Kadhja Bonet.

With that smooth, soaring voice that seems entirely of another time, Bonet’s The Visitor EP is completely gorgeous. With vocal harmonies that offer a dissonant take on cinematic 1950s pop, the sweet conceits about love glide with a jazzy, seductive ease over the warm yet sometimes jarring classical orchestral swirls of organ, drums, flute, violin and more. Lines like “I’m the honey bee that brings the pollen to your gilded lips” flow with a charming ease from the LA-singer, like plumes of tantalising smoke.

Every day it becomes increasingly apparent how terrifying the world can be, and so it is always a delight to find further aural equivalents to sinking in to candlelit bathtubs and forgetting about it all for a moment. Kadhja Bonet is making the perfectly mesmerising, beautiful music of escape.

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