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I’ve been listening to the Velvet Underground a lot in the past few days. I think it kind of started on my final day living in Dublin last week, my things all packed up and me floating around the house not really sure what to do before leaving for the airport – so I put on ‘Sunday Morning’, and it seemed kind of appropriate somehow; all light, pretty and surreal. The Velvet Underground and Nico is probably still my favourite VU album, not least because it’s the first one I ever listened to – it has that sense of familiarity and nostalgia about it, and that inherent weirdness, extraordinary diversity and sheer ingenuity, all of which I love. But, since then, this week I’ve been listening to the 1985 outtakes compilation, VU, quite a bit because it was only introduced to me recently (and it has some incredible stuff on it – ‘Temptation Inside Your Heart’ is an absolute delight with the ridiculously irreverent/incredible Cale/Reed chats over the top).

But also I’ve been playing their last record (Squeeze doesn’t count) 1970’s Loaded a lot too, and so when I saw they had just announced a 45th anniversary re-issue of the LP I felt I might as well write a pointless essay about why I think Loaded is so great.

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[Originally published on GoldenPlec]

All good things must come to an end. Earlier this week famed Dublin club the Twisted Pepper announced that it would be closing its doors as a music venue for good. Ahead of the final few days of Abbey Street fun this weekend, it seemed fitting to write a eulogy of sorts.

It was hardly a space without its problems, but for all the sweaty walls and sometimes sketchy sound (in the earlier days), there’s still no doubt that with Twisted Pepper the people of Bodytonic provided something unique for Ireland’s capital over these past seven years.

We reached out to some of the artists, promoters and patrons to whom the Pepper became something of a second home, reminiscing on their times in the venue that veritably became a part of Dublin’s music history.

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