Interview: Krystal Klear


Exciting Irish DJ/Producer Krystal Klear — named thus because “once I thought of it I didn’t want to think of anything else” — brought his wonderfully house meets disco meets that-amazing-time-he-remixed-Justin Timberlake sound to Dublin’s Trinity Ball last month. I had a quick chat with the man behind that Sky Ferreira remix.

You’re based in Manchester as opposed to Dublin – what made you make that move? And why Manchester as opposed to, say, London?

Funnily enough I have just moved to London after six amazing years in Manchester. I originally ended up in Manchester to continue my studies after college in Dublin […] Frankly, my career kinda started taking off during my final year of studies, so from that point on there was no turning back. Manchester was an amazing home for me.

When you first started out was there a particular niche you were trying to fill musically?

Yeah I mean I was playing everything from Disco to Dilla but I was really sold on making beatsy-hip-hop stuff. [I] packed that in once I realised it wasn’t my true musical passion and more a sign of the times.

Who or what would you consider as having been your main influences?

My cousin JJ played a huge influence early on, which lead to me discovering electronic music and working with drum machines, guitar etc. Then someone like Olan who ran All City, alongside Mike Slott – [they] totally expanded my palette and ideology of making music.

What are your thoughts on the current Dublin music scene?

I think it’s amazing…I mean I don’t live back there so I’m not really an authority to offer an opinion but it seems like Dublin is thriving in every way possible and it’s hard to believe the extent of the choice people have on a weekend now, as opposed to say five years ago…it’s amazing.

Photo: All-City Records.

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