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It was back in early September that it became apparent something very unusual was going on when Gangsta’s Paradise rapper Coolio revealed that he had signed a new deal with a major company — not with Universal, not with Steven Spielberg, but, rather, with Pornhub. A few days later the (unsurprisingly) NSFW video for Coolio’s ‘Take It to the Hub’ appeared on that same website, and it soon emerged that Pornhub was branching into something quite different; Pornhub Records was launched. Their song search contest seems to be the main thing on their agenda right now (“show your love for Pornhub by recording the ultimate anthem”, their website implores), but what kind of music are they anticipating including on their roster? What kind of artist signs to a “porn label”? Is this all a sign of the ultimate decline of the music industry, a cynical, bizarre commentary on how sex always sells; or is this actually just a genius move on the part of an ever-expanding media corporation? Perhaps most importantly: how did Coolio get involved? I spoke to Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub, to get some answers.

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It seems a fair assertion to say that Trinity Orchestra — best known for its renditions of compositions by somewhat unexpected artists (Daft Punk and Gorillaz amongst them) — would not exist without the expertise of the “Two Robs”: namely Rob Farhat and Rob Kearns, both of whom helped run the orchestra during their time at college. Fast forward through a couple years post-graduation, working for the Web Summit and Riverdance, respectively, the Robs decided to try their hands at something of their own — and thus, last month, Ensemble Music came to life.

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