TT_hi (by Robert Glowacki)

Technology and teamwork are both words one might associate with the World Cup, a sporting event which I essentially stay aware of and mention for fear of otherwise being socially ostracised.  Topical reference to prove my worth now made, Technology+Teamwork are in fact a band comprising of Anthony Silvester (of XX Teens) and Sarah Jones (of both Hot Chip and NYPC).  After meeting at Bestival, the pair decided to create music together, and thus exists the strangely entrancing new debut single, Small Victory.  It’s an odd track – slightly jarring and dissonant with its ethereal, dislocated vocals singing the sweet little refrain of “You saw something in me (I didn’t know what you were looking for) / something no one else can see (I didn’t know what you were staying for)”, both their disconcertingly electronically-treated, robotic yet warm voices melding together over the top of eerie, whirring, whooshing melodies and beautifully light, frenetic rhythms.  Then there are the yet-to-be released remixes – a squelchy, upbeat version from Joe Goddard that vaguely recalls New Order, and a gorgeous, dazzling, slow yet funky take from Grosvenor.

The single is out via Parlour Records on 21st July [pre-order here], and is very much worth a listen if somewhat disarming, unusual synth-pop is your thing.

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