Who is William Onyeabor?


For those wondering about the lack of ‘For the love of R&B’ posts, I have decided I have enough material to make that an ongoing feature for a good while, but while the sun is still shining and I’m in a pretty great mood, I thought I would share a recent excellent musical addition to my life  – Nigeria’s William Onyeabor. Purveyor and pioneer of the most delicious sugary sweet electro-funk, his music twinkles and dazzles and makes me want to jive like nothing else.  Lush, warm swathes of keyboards and synths and gentle, joyous vocals, this stuff is surely the musical definition of euphoria.

In October, as a part of their World Psychedelic Classics series, Luaka Bop will be releasing a 14-track album of Onyeabor’s work, Who is William Onyeabor?, whilst attempting to solve the mystery of who exactly Onyeabor is.  The story goes that, after self-releasing music between 1978-85 the artist became a Born-Again Christian and turned his back on his musical past, refusing to speak of it again.  Which is just such a shame when you consider the beautifully fluid, intricate electronic songs he composed, aplomb with this ridiculously fun sense of sway and strut.

Needless to say, Who is William Onyeabor? is looking to be a very exciting prospect indeed.  You can get a free download of the great ‘Good Name’ below.  The album will be out on Luaka Bop on October 15th.

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