Mind Enterprises – ‘My Girl’

Mind Enterprises, musical project of Italian 27-year-old Andrea Tirone, is on the roster of Because Music, the record label also home to the likes of Metronomy and Django Django.  And I think the sort of music one might expect of an artist belonging to that roster is almost exactly the kind of music that Mind Enterprises’ ‘My Girl’ EP showcases.

I mean that in a very positive way, overall – it’s an EP that boasts that sparse yet complex brand of thoughtfully produced electronic pop that’s just a little bit strange.  Lead single ‘My Girl’ is full of fun, vibrant splashes of synths; weirdly, nicely intricate layers of his falsetto vocals and light as air, glitchy, shuffling beats.  Recently announced second single, ‘Morning Lie’ has a kind of tropical tinge with spirals of rich, hazy instrumentation and beats that jump all over the place.  Then ‘New Underground’ slowly shimmers and crescendos into another woozy dance number while ’74’ is all scratchy, fun beats with some more lovely swathes of melody.

It’s that brand of alternative, eccentric electropop that everyone seems to be loving right now and rightly so – for now, it’s a fresh, exciting sound and style.  I guess I just can’t help but wonder if this sort of glitchy, sparse pop is going to get a bit stale soon.  For now, at least, Mind Enterprises has a delightful little EP under his belt.

The ‘My Girl’ EP is out now on Because Music, and you can buy it here.

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