Phlo Finister

When the first you hear of an artist is shortly after they’ve announced their retirement from the music industry it can be pretty upsetting.  But luckily it seems the artist in question has gone back on their December announcement and isn’t retiring after all – there’s something about the exquisite ghostly R&B of  Phlo Finister that suggests a longevity that outlives such claims of quitting the music industry.  That, and the fact that her debut ‘Poster Girl’ EP comes out at the end of July.

[Listen to the ‘Poster Girl’ EP Sampler here]

The hype is suggesting 50% Aaliyah, 50% Lana Del Ray as good points of reference – and while I’ll admit I haven’t listened to Lana beyond the singles, she’s definitely got that haunting, grainy sound with touches of Aaliyah’s wispy, crisp R&B with vague middle-eastern vibes.  It’s very cool and poised music; all sultry and knowing lyricism on top of soft, slick beats.

Phlo Finister’s Poster Girl EP is released on 29 July by Night Beach – very much worth getting hold of, especially lest she does decide to retire after all.

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