Cloud Control

Cloud Control 04 HI

Australia’s Cloud Control are one of those groups whom I always seem to hear good things about; in spite of this, it was only this morning that I decided to follow up all the praises and accolades that surround them and give their music a listen.  And I am very glad I finally did.  Swooning, swirling, hazy psychedelia with melancholic, pretty vocals, there is something very charming and organic about their sound.

They recently released the video for their new single ‘Dojo Rising’ which is out next month and it’s one of those videos which is quite strange but with a somehow affable nature.  And I guess that’s a decent way to describe their sound too – the single is dazed and pleasant and there is something undefinably unusual about it.  There’s a warmth to their music; an endearing sort of magic that will – hopefully – be found on their second album Dream Cave, due to be released in the UK on September 16th via Infectious Music.

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