Thumpers – ‘Unkinder’

Thumpers_Desert_1The name “Thumpers” makes me think of that cute, big-eyed rabbit in Bambi, one of those films which is hard to reconcile under one particular genre – yes, it was devastatingly sad, but at the same time there’s no denying the joyous bright moments of frolicking animation.

Like Bambi, then, London-based duo Thumpers are, on the basis of their ‘Unkinder EP’ at least, covering a vast array of sounds, making them a bit difficult to consider under one cohesive genre.  From joyously colourful pop to sparse, hymnal numbers on the piano, to jarring, brash electro, it seems that the pair are quite content to dive into whatever takes their fancy.  And, perhaps surprisingly, it really does work.

Title track of the EP, ‘Unkinder (A Tougher Love)’ has a euphoric, propulsive atmosphere with a lovely shuffling beat and lush layers of shimmering synths, but it stands in incredibly stark contrast to the gentle, slow-burning lullaby of ‘Marazion Bay’.  Their cover of Bjork’s ‘Innocence’ is kind of nuts, jolting with a bizarre and exciting cacophony of sounds that is pretty wonderful.  Finished off nicely with an excellent bright and light little house-tinged remix of the title track by none other than Friendly Fires’ Jack Savidge, the ‘Unkinder EP’ is strangely intimate but epic all at once.

As a full EP, it is not necessarily the cohesive, flowing listen you might expect but that’s kind of the strength of Thumpers’ music – all exciting, unconventional and bustling with ideas, there doesn’t appear to be a dull moment.  With the EP out June 3rd on Transgressive Records, Thumpers are very much worth getting excited about.

Buy ‘Unkinder’ here.   

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