Oh So Quiet


I can’t be the only person for whom the phrase “Oh So Quiet” conjures up images of Bjork dancing exuberantly around the streets, but it is also the name of a musical duo, originally from Argentina – now based in Surrey – who make intimate, pretty, acoustic songs that twinkle gently and slowly flow into something quite majestic.

Oh So Quiet‘s eponymous debut EP showcases a nuanced understanding of starry-eyed folky songs with romantic, lullaby lyrics and intricate guitars that build up into soaring crescendos and there’s something quite nicely slow-burning about it all – think long instrumentals that aren’t rushing to get to the next chorus.  ‘Rain At Night’ is the single and for me the stand-out track. Maybe I’m going to overuse the word “pretty” in this write-up but I think that kind of sums it up.  That wholesome, naturalistic, tender way that the song – and, indeed, the whole EP – washes over you, is sort of wonderful.  It’s got that earthy, Latin-y warmth of early Devendra, if with more in the way of instrumentation and male and female vocal harmonies – perhaps reminiscent too of some of the more stripped back early Arcade Fire songs.

Lovely night time listening, the ‘Oh So Quiet’ EP is a nice little release for those into their pretty alt-folk.

The EP is out on Monday 29th April on Cool For Cats Records, and you can stream it here

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