In Hindi, “khushi” means happiness or joy or something along those lines – my questionable ability to speak my mother tongue aside, there is certainly something that’s quite joyful about listening to the music of London born singer-songwriter Khushi.  Part of the excellent aforementioned Strong Asian Mothers, his solo work has less of their lithe electro stylings, instead opting for some soothing, wholesome acoustic pop that is kind of lovely.

His vocals are impressively varied, with a falsetto like a caress and a lower range too that’s perfectly intimate and endearing as he sings poignant lyrics about romantic things.  The instrumentation is really nice too, with swathes of piano and fluid undercurrents of pretty guitars and a soft patter of drums.  Sometimes the music is upbeat and quite euphoric (‘When You Start’), sometimes it’s much more withdrawn and slow (the beginning of ‘Phantoms’); there is always something a bit different about it though, something that makes it different from that standard middle-of-the-road label that tends to come with being a singer-songwriter.  Perhaps it’s in that hint of his electro background in moments like the vocal loops and the brass samples in ‘Magpie’; whatever it is, it’s exciting.

Khushi has recently started playing live shows in London and it can only be a matter of time before his soulful sounds start attracting more attention.  As of yet his music is great to listen to, certainly, even if there’s not very much out there as of yet.  There’s something about the four tracks he has put out, though; something that seems to be implicit of something exquisite to come and I guess that in itself is quite happiness-inducing.

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