My life is becoming consumed with essays and deadlines and social obligations – I’m not necessarily complaining about any of these things, but it has made sitting down and actually writing something more than a passing comment on what I’m listening to a bit difficult.  But, currently sitting in my new home – the library – I’ve just discovered the music of San Francisco’s Isaiah Williams – better known as Howlings, and felt the urge to share his music.

Sweeping, slow, strange electro that surrounds your ears and is surprisingly emotive (notably the beautiful and disarming ‘Don’t Leave Me’, embedded below), there’s not necessarily anything groundbreaking or hugely different about Howlings’ music.   Yet, there’s something undeniably pretty and worthy about these often quite sad songs and they’re kind of lovely to listen to; all gentle, starry beats, sublime, glittering instrumentation and occasional delicate, whispering vocals.  I suppose that time will tell but, as far as the stuff that’s up on his SoundCloud goes, it seems like Howlings might be onto something quite special.


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