Sounds of 2013


I’m not normally one to make predictions about which artists I think are ones to watch for the next year, but I was lucky enough to vote in the Blog Sound of 2013 earlier this month.  Given that only one of the acts I voted for made it into the longlist – which you can, and should, check out at the above link – I felt obliged to share my tips for 2013 with you, in no particular order:

Lovely harmonizations with a sometimes-bluegrass style which transcends most of their “nu-folk” contemporaries.  Mesmerising, gentle and powerful all at once – this is music that is just generally a delight to listen to.
Tribal, fierce and with occasional flourishes of strangely trad stylings, there is something very exciting about the lush, sweet electro-pop of this duo.
I wrote about him recently, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate that Pete Roe is making intricate folk with an organic sense of warmth that recalls the likes of Nick Drake.
4. Haim:
The one act I voted for that made it to the Blog Sound longlist, and with reason – everyone is talking about Haim.  Propulsive, airy beats and breathy vocals make for an unusually sugary brand of rock and it really works.
If 2012 was Azealia Banks’ year to conquer, then 2013 will surely be Angel Haze’s.  This is dark, wry rap over music that is at once chill yet disarmingly upbeat, and there is something very knowing, aggressive and wonderfully unapologetic about her lyricism.  It’s strange, feral, provocative and enticing.
With all that said, however, some of the best acts of next year are probably ones that I’ve yet to discover.  Do check out the Blog Sound of 2013 shortlist and winner on January 3rd, as it will doubtless provide a very good insight as to who’s music is worth checking out next year.


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