Monthly Archives: October 2012

Season’s greetings!  Is that something you say on Halloween?  I’m not sure it is.  What I am sure of is that the air is crisp, the pavements are covered in golden orange leaves and the shops are lined in orange pumpkins, and that can only mean it’s time to crack out some Halloween tunes.

1. Groovie Goolies – ‘The Monster Mash’ 

Cheesy?  Yes.  A bit creepy?  Sure.  All out bizarre?  Of course.  This song encapsulates everything wonderful and kitsch about Halloween and is an indisputable classic.

2. Michael Jackson – ‘Thriller’

Like, do I even need to explain this song’s inclusion?  A dance routine and music video that is frankly genius, a catchy chorus and a ghoulish, terrifying riff.  Wonderful.

3. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – ‘Satan Said Dance’

Because I only remembered the existence of this band and this song the other day and it’s a cacophony of strange instrumentation and the disarmingly hypnotic chant of “satan said dance” – a mesmerising song to get lost in when you’re getting ready for tonight.


Because I’m dressing up as Jasmine tonight and loving this.

I always used to think there was something a bit lazy when reviews tried to compare artists with one another based purely on their geographical location; however, I do have to admit there’s something vaguely reminiscent of the stunning build-up of ‘Spanish Sahara’ in the debut EP from Oxford’s Wild Swim.

Single ‘Echo’ is full of rich, swooning vocals and an ambient atmosphere that seems to melt and effervesce around your ears and then crescendo into a spacey almost-operatic climax.  The self-produced ‘Bright Eyes’, meanwhile, is jerky and minimalist and full of light, pretty beats which interlace perfectly with the warmth of the baritone vocals.  Their music seems to float back and forth between more conventional sounding alt-rock into strange, glitchy electro without much regard for convention and, perhaps surprisingly, it really does work.

You can pre-order Wild Swim’s ‘Echo’ from here.