Lucy Rose – ‘Like I Used To’

My absence for the past month has been down to my return to Dublin and the state of homelessness I found myself in, but rest assured Don’t Watch Me Dancing will resume service as usual soon enough (I don’t have internet in my home yet, but I’m working on it). In any case, what better way could I restart blogging than with a look at the lovely Lucy Rose‘s debut album?

I saw Lucy Rose at Bestival at the beginning of the month, and her performance was nothing short of magic – ‘Like I Used To’, then, is like having a physical copy of that magic.  She has her waif-like, feathery vocals over fluid guitar and fluttering beats and, just in terms of musicality, it is wonderful to listen to.  However, Lucy Rose offers more than just aural delight in her music – it is her incredibly honest lyricism that really draws the listener in.  ‘Like I Used To’ feels a lot like eavesdropping on a really private, intimate conversation; it’s shy and awkward but somehow confident and forthright at the same time.

In ‘Night Bus’ there are simple but surprisingly touching phrases like “She takes the night bus home; she’s not phased by the darkness in her soul”.  There are rich and warming brushes of brass in ‘Shiver’, and, again, some lovely, poignant moments of lyricism (“if we turned back time, would we learn to live right?”).  Latest single, ‘Bikes’ (above), is more of a joyous, summery number, while the final track, ‘Be Alright’ brings to mind the singsong nursery rhyme romance of The Smiths’ ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’, with some really endearing hesitance and awkwardness in her declaration of love.

I’m not sure how many people in my age-group are into Joni Mitchell, but listening to ‘Like I Used To’ gives me the same shivery sense of being stunned that I got the first time I listened to ‘Clouds’.  Beautiful.

Buy ‘Like I Used To’ here.

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