‘Seeing In The Dark’ – Mothlite

To be honest, I dont know what an “entity reunion mix” is.  What I do know, however, is that Alexander Tucker’s so-called mix of Mothlite‘s ‘Seeing In The Dark’ is really nice.  Twinkling, dainty keyboards dance and trickle like fluttering raindrops over the steady beat and the velvety-smooth darkness of the deep vocals.  It’s strange and immersive, and there’s an edge to it that is somehow disconcerting.  It is quite far removed from the slightly poppier original, which in itself is very good indeed with a much fuller, rich sound reminiscent of Radiohead’s ‘All I Need’.

Tucker’s remix is great but, more than that, Mothlite’s twisting, shadowy ’80s pop merits listening to in its own right.  Mothlite, aka. Daniel O’Sullivan, released his second album, Dark Age (buy it here) earlier this year and – although I’m admittedly only one listen in – it seems pretty excellent.  The single, ‘Seeing In The Dark’ is out now on Kscope.

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