Jessie Ware

Anyone who’s interested in new music has doubtless already listened to and been loving Jessie Ware for quite some time, but – given the fact that my propensity for being knowledgeable about new music is not as great as having a music blog might suggest – it is perhaps not surprising that I’ve only just managed to listen to the soulfully sweet vocals of Ms. Ware.  For those of you who haven’t listened to her before, she might be familiar to you as she’s featured in some SBTRKT songs (listen to ‘Right Thing To Do’ on YouTube), but her debut solo album, ‘Devotion’ is out next week on PMR Records and, judging by what she’s already released, it should be quite something.

Ware is all about soft, pretty vocals floating delicately over glitchy, rough beats and gorgeously woozy, smooth synths.  This is evocative, fluid pop music with something of a garage edge to it and it really is a delight to listen to.

Released on August 20th, you can pre-order ‘Devotion’ here.  You can check out the excitingly promising album teaser here.

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