Those of you who read my old blog, The Music Journal, might remember the fairly frequent mention of the fresh-faced and incredibly talented young band, Lo-Fi Culture Scene.  Clearly The Music Journal has since moved on to become Don’t Watch Me Dancing, and so too have Lo-Fi Culture Scene revitalised themselves with a new name for a fresh start: as such, I present to you the excellent Casablanca.

Whether after the romantic film, the place, or the surname (minus the ‘s’) of the love of my life, Julian, I am not sure why the young Londoners are named thus, although in any case Casablanca certainly summons up the image of something pretty wonderful.  Indeed, their debut single, ‘Yes’ is, fittingly, pretty wonderful.  More than that, in fact, with silky swathes of entrancing guitar and immersive synths swimming around the smooth vocals, all underpinned by some brilliantly uplifting dance-inducing beats.  ‘Yes’ undeniably makes for some euphoric listening, with a transfixing and swoon-worthy chorus, there is something dazed, joyous and familiar about it all.

Needless to say, I am very excited to hear more and I can only assume I will be the first of many to make a cheesy joke about how I plan on playing the lovely song again and again, Sam.


‘Yes’ will be released on Party Politics on September 17th, and you can pre-order the 7″ here.

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