The Cast Of Cheers – ‘Human Elevator’

The Cast Of Cheers are one of those bands around whom there has been a lot of buzz lately, and last month’s release of their album, ‘Family’, only saw the hype increase with much critical acclaim and plaudits.  Their new single, ‘Human Elevator’ is out on August 20th and sees pounding drums, rousing choruses and a sound with a bit of a darker, more angular edge than previous singles have showcased.  Indeed, in general the song has an aggressive catchiness to it in a sort of vintage-sounding way, as though it doesn’t quite belong to this era.

Their music is pleasant, certainly, but perhaps it will take a few listens to convince me of the worthiness of all the hype.  Still, they definitely are worth checking out.  And the remixes of their songs are generally very promising too – this Citizens! remix of ‘Human Elevator’ makes for particularly enjoyable listening with a lighter take on the track, now decorated with delicate electro intricacies.

Happily enough, you can download it for free:


You can buy ‘Family’ here, while ‘Human Elevator’ is released on August 20th.  The Cast Of Cheers will be on the NME Generation Next Tour this October – you can purchase tickets here.

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