Rejjie Snow

The rap and hip hop scene is not something that is necessarily associated with Ireland’s musical output, but eighteen year old Dubliner Rejjie Snow (previously known as Lecs Luther) has got some ridiculously good bars.  Delivered in a deliciously smooth voice, the lyrics are dark, knowing and often have more than a touch of mocking humour.  This is not the catchy hip hop of years past with choruses and heavily-produced musicality; this is direct, raw and sometimes rambling, with slick beats and a certain sense of amused gravitas.  It’s for these reasons he’s being dubbed as this side of the pond’s answer to Tyler but, while the similarities are there, it does him a massive injustice to write him off as a mere imitator; Rejjie Snow is very much worth paying attention to in his own right.

This year should see some releases and more collaborations like this [watch ‘Meddling Loops’ with Rejjie Snow, Crave and Jesse James].

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