Nite Jewel

How have I never listened to LA’s sublime Nite Jewel before?  Boasting some deliciously light and airy R&Besque pop, it’s at times jerky, bright and boisterous, at times smooth, languid and intense; but somehow, it’s always incredibly captivating listening with a nicely crepuscular feel.  Ramona Gonzalez has emotive, fluid vocals which drift serenely around the crisp, stuttering beats and gorgeously soaring, glittering (and, dare I say “funky”?) melodies .

Also, she did an absolutely stunning cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking About You’ with Nicholas Krgovich which you need to listen to:

Nite Jewel is currently on a European tour and I highly recommend you catch her while you can.  Such great music, I’m still feeling kind of blown away by it all.

Buy some of her merch here.


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