At some point last year, I happened to find myself watching a music programme called Topman CTRL on Channel 4 – I had never seen it before, nor have I seen it since, but I remember being particularly struck by this performance by Welsh group Colorama.  Looking it up immediately afterwards I was unable to find the performance online, and completely forgot about them – then, for reasons I don’t really know, I remembered the group a few days ago out of nowhere and found the performance in question.  Alongside their musical catalogue in general, it became apparent that Colorama are really something quite special.

Hailing from Cardiff, Colorama make delightfully woozy, psychedelic folk that seems to idly amble its way to your ears by way of pastoral harmonies and picturesque melodies.  These are beautiful, skilfully put together songs, which bring to mind strange but pretty images of almost-magical pagan forests with hazy hippie gatherings.  The vocals are rich and unwavering, and in the majority of their tracks singer Carwyn Ellis uses Welsh rather than English, adding to the overall intriguing sense of delicate complexity and dazzling mysticism.

Lovely in a surreal, dazed, summery kind of way.

You can listen to and buy their music on their BandCamp.  By the looks of things they have a new release coming soon.

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