BBC 6 Music Blog Zeitgeist – Top Acts of 2012: Gwilym Gold

My second pick of 2012 for the 6 Music and Hype Machine Zeitgeist show is Gwilym Gold.  He is perhaps a familiar face to those of you who were fans of Golden Silvers, those flighty purveyors of bright and retro electropop.  Once frontman of that band, Gold’s solo music has taken a startlingly different direction.  Far more reminiscent of James Blake than the twinkly ’80s glam of Golden Silvers, the quiet, tender and restrained beauty of Gwilym Gold’s music is impressive to say the least.

All lounge-y synths, intimate, caressing vocals and shuffling beats, Gold is making stuff that’s just breathtaking.  While he hasn’t actually released very much as yet, as he rises to the fore in 2012, one can only hope the best is yet to come.

Interestingly, Gold is also pioneering the Bronze Format – a way of listening to music which will transform it into something unique upon each listen.  You can check that out with a free download of his song ‘Flesh Freeze’ in the Bronze Format, here.

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