Keston Cobblers’ Club

Delightfully refined and perfectly twee, the warming melodies of Keston Cobblers’ Club are something worth listening to for the discerning folk-music lover.  There’s something very comforting about their sound, that for some reason brings to mind cups of tea in the company of loved ones.  The group make music with delicate instrumentation as if it’s being played from one of those old music boxes; rhythmic, lullaby-like, whimsical and, somehow, nostalgic.  There are elements of traditional folk intertwining seamlessly with the likes of more contemporary folk acts, such as Noah and the Whale or Johnny Flynn, and overall it makes for some really lovely listening.

Their debut album, ‘One, For Words’, is out on August 27th, and, judging by the likes of ‘For, Words’ (below), it might be well worth keeping an eye out for.


And as if the video wasn’t sweet enough, you can download the track for free, here.

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