Interview: Nimmo and the Gauntletts

Based between London and Brighton, Nimmo and the Gauntletts make some really great music – deep, soulful, mesmerising voices over fluid, raw, powerful instrumentation.  It’s sometimes intense, sometimes charming, and overall it very much merits a listen if you’re into your alt-rock/pop.  I caught up with them earlier today, which has just seen the release of their wonderful new video for ‘Young Light’:

Who are Nimmo and the Gauntletts/how did they come to be?
Nimmo & the Gauntletts was formed by childhood friends Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett at Hampstead School in Kilburn, North London around the close of the 20th Century. Originally an acoustic 2 piece, Sarah and Reva with the recent addition of Josh [who they also met at the same high school], Hannah and Jack are now a fully fledged line up based between London and Brighton.
Who/what would you say were your main influences, musically?
We are influenced by a diverse range of material as, for example, Joshua (bass/violin) and Reva (vocals) listen to wide range of hip-hop where as Sarah (guitar/vocals) listens to a lot of house and Jack and Hannah (drums and sax) listen to a lot of funk/soul/rnb/jazz. We dont tend to have singular artists which tend to shape the direction of our music, instead we tend to find influence in each other. This sounds incredibly naff but it’s the reality of our creative process. We just finished putting together a mixtape for Beat Magazine with some of the artists we are into which includes Charlie XCX, Man Like Me, Maya Jane Coles, Hooray for Earth, Casino Times and The Internet to name a few.
Can you tell us a bit about the the ‘Young Light’ video [above]?  Is there any link, for you, between the aesthetic and the song itself?
Yeah, there’s a definite link between the song and the video’s aesthetic. Ben’s (Galster- director) use of projections throughout the video gave way to a form of expression that relates to the essence of the song, which is ultimately is about young love and its trials. We were a bit worried at first as we knew that if it wasn’t done right then the message/content of the video could turn out really clichéd and cheesy. But we reckon Ben has done an amazing job in capturing the essence of the track in a really beautifully understated fashion.
You’ve previously mentioned that this video will be drawing a curtain on the ‘Young Light’ EP, so where will NATG be going from here?
This summer we are writing and recording new material and working towards a regional UK tour in September/October time. We hope to be doing some shows throughout Freshers week and will be playing Strummer of Love Festival and Playgroup Festival in August too!

A very big thank you to the band for their time!  You can get a free download of the fantastic ‘Chin Up’ (which has an incredible riff) above, and stream/buy the ‘Young Light’ EP here.

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