Le Tigre


My exams are over now but, during the long days of monotonous study, I discovered that one of my perfect revision albums is the 1999 eponymous one by crazy riotgrrrl wonders, Le Tigre.  I was going to write this whole post contextualising the album as good revision music, but I would perhaps do it a discredit by merely referencing it as something I like to study to.  I think ‘Le Tigre’ is one of the most underrated albums of recent times.  It’s an album that’s startlingly eccentric and evocative at the same time.   Also, Le Tigre don’t shy away from their feminism which is so refreshing when most artists at the moment would be very hesitant to label themselves as “feminist”.

It’s frantic and chaotic (‘The Empty’), scathing and hilarious in its social commentary (‘Dude Yr So Crazy!!’), trancelike and artsy (‘Slideshow At Free University’), but also it’s just so much fun to listen to with swinging beats and glorious riffs (‘Friendship Station’).  It manages to pull off jerky, clashing electro/baroque numbers about hippies in plane accidents (‘Phanta’) at the same time as dreamy, pensive songs about the easy self-confidence of dancing when no-one’s watching (‘Eau d’Bedroom Dancing’, available below because I thought it was quite fitting with my blog name/theme etc.).

Basically, Le Tigre is a brilliant album that is not mentioned nearly enough in the recent canon of alternative music.

And what about album opener, ‘Deceptacon’?  Well, there’s a reason it’s their most well-known song:


MP3: Le Tigre – ‘Eau d’Bedroom Dancing’

I cannot implore you enough to buy this album and a whole load of other Le Tigre-related items, here.


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