In the Caribbean

There will be a time in your life when you are in a club you don’t know, in a foreign city you barely know, with a small group of friends but otherwise surrounded by people you don’t know, and a song will come on that you don’t know.  To be fair, this will probably happen on more than one occasion, but the difference in this case might be that the particular song that you don’t know will stick with you for sometime afterwards, giving a sense of familiarity to an otherwise completely unfamiliar night. You will fondly recall the euphoric catchiness in spite of not remembering any lyrics aside from something obscure and seemingly unhelpful – in my case, all I could remember was, “in the Caribbean”.

You will return home and attempt to find the song, in an attempt to replicate that upbeat, joyous dance you had at the time, but will fail miserably at finding anything beyond songs like ‘Christmas in the Caribbean‘.  It is at this point that you would usually concede defeat, and accept that the song was a one night only kind of thing.

But then your wonderful friend who was there with you might be far better at finding music on the internet [insert “joke” about my poor music blogging skills here].  Et, voila:

Well, it was actually a remix of this but we can’t find the exact one, and this is still pretty terrific.  All airy electro and sugary pop choruses.  Hailing from Iceland, FM Belfast actually make some really good, quirky electro-pop music which is somehow so palpably European.  They make you want to bop around like the night won’t end, with sweet, soft vocals and disco synth riffs.  So much fun.

MP3: FM Belfast – ‘New Year’

You can and should buy loads of FM Belfast music and merchandise, here. 

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