Little Joy

At the same time as offering up some wonderfully brash and breezy summery pop songs, Little Joy‘s first (and quite possibly final) album is subject to warm little moments of intimacy and romance.  It is rare that songs can resonate with that sense of awkward, over-thinking confidence that plagues the majority of us but, for me at least, ‘Little Joy’ often captures the bold shyness of young adult interaction.

Which is ultimately why I decided to name this blog after their stunning song, ‘Don’t Watch Me Dancing’.  The soft, lullaby intonations of Shapiro’s voice (described perfectly in Pitchfork as “a voice like summer wine…smoky, sleepy-eyed), accompanied by the whimsical guitars and uneasy, somehow self-conscious male backing vocals are nothing short of beautiful.  When you take into account the lyricism too; the tale of a boy mustering up the courage to go and talk to a dancer he has fallen for (with sublime lines like, “there he is a step outside her view, reciting the words he hopes she might pursue”); it becomes apparent that Little Joy have done something really special and affecting with this song – or, moreover, with this album.


MP3: Little Joy – ‘Don’t Watch Me Dancing’

Buy Little Joy’s eponymous debut album here.  A highly recommended purchase.

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