There’s something thrilling about a new start in any aspect of life; something that invokes a new enthusiasm, even if, in this case, starting a new blog is ultimately no different to just continuing to write on your old, neglected one.

This is Don’t Watch Me Dancing (lest you hadn’t already figured that out).  It will be a music blog through which I continue to enthusiastically communicate my love of songs and artists new and old, but I think that it will somehow be a little bit different to The Music Journal.  Thank you so much if you’re an old reader for some reason sticking with me, and thanks just as much if you’re someone new, intrigued by my inept blogging style.

I feel as though the best way to begin this is by actually mentioning the thing this blog purports to be about, so less unnecessary introductory waffle and more music:

MP3: Voxtrot – ‘The Start of Something’

Because for all I’m pretending about new beginnings, I’m not sure there’s any better way to start this blog than through beautiful, melodious, melancholic indie-pop.

Buy Voxtrot’s ‘Raised By Wolves EP’ here. 

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