Don’t Watch Me Dancing is a music blog written by Tara Joshi, a twenty-something currently trying to figure out life post-Student. It essentially consists of me enthusing about the music I like, which tends to draw from a variety of genres. It also serves as a portfolio for my music journalism originally published elsewhere (please can someone employ me).

The blog was born out of the ashes of The Music Journal which I was writing aged fifteen, and through which I interviewed bands such as Bombay Bicycle Club and Los Campesinos!, wrote cringey, gushing reviews of numerous acts, and helped judge the 2011 Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition. More of the same should be expected here.

I am currently UK-based, though I lived in Dublin for four years (and was the music editor of tn2 Magazine for three of them). I was nominated in 2015 for an Irish National Student Media Award in the category of Arts & Pop Culture Features writing, and am also a contributing writer to Irish music website GoldenPlec.

Contact: tara.dwmd(at)

Oh, and it’s called, ‘Don’t Watch Me Dancing’, after the Little Joy song (below), but also because the sentiment is seemingly very… “me”.

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